After working with Rebecca I have lost weight (40 lbs) and my blood pressure and cholesterol are in the normal range. I am thrilled to move forward in my life— healthier, stronger, and happier.-M.G., Wife and Mother of Two
Thank God I met Rebecca Scritchfield. It is really as simple as that. I know there are numerous dieticians, self help type people, nutritionist, motivational speakers, trainers, etc., but there is only one Rebecca and I feel like one of the lucky ones b/c she is not only my registered dietician, but she has become my biggest supporter, my motivation, my "healthy voice" and so much more over my journey.— Katy B
Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to let you know that I hit the 10-pound loss mark today and my lipid profile is better than ever even though my fat intake has been 10 times higher.-T.H. Medical Doctor
Rebecca’s says “nothing changes until you do” and boy is she right. Yes, I lost 30 pounds, but I gained so much more. I became a new person with energy, confidence, and self-love.–M.B.
Rebecca, You are a great dietitian. Got results on the A1C. Down to 5.2 from 6.1 in three months. Thank you!-R.B.
Rebecca helped me see the connection between stress and food challenges. She got me into yoga, which I didn’t think I’d like and I’ve learned it’s easier to eat well when you’re less stressed.-Emily H.
Rebecca’s nutritional expertise paired with her fantastic approach to healthy living made her an ideal partner in achieving my goals. I was able to lose 10 lbs. and restore my A1C and vitamin D levels to healthy ranges in three months.-L.D.
I did really well this year, better than I ever did.I really owe a lot of that to you, since I think getting my weight and nutrition under control have been absolutely key to my success.-Lissa K., Collegiate Rower
I just wanted to say thank you for convincing me I could do the triathlon! You helped me get there.-Gaynor B., First-time Triathlete
I am an elite runner and Rebecca has taught me everything from balanced and mindful eating to fueling properly to maximize my running performance. She is top notch in her field!!– K.V.
Rebecca understands the physical and psychological needs of elite athletes, which is a rare and valuable skill. I would not send my athletes to medical providers unless I have complete confidence in them, and Rebecca has more than earned my trust.– Coach J.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I believe that you helped to save my wife's life and our relationship. I don't know where she would be and where we would be if she hadn't found you. Thank you.- MV
Deciding to call Rebecca Scritchfield was the best and most important and decision I have made in my life. She fought for me when I didn’t think I deserved to be fought for and cared about me more than I cared about myself and most importantly she never gave up on me.- D.K., Competitive Marathoner
When I first walked into Rebecca’s office I didn’t realize the severity of my eating disorder. She has taught me that life isn’t about deprivation but about finding balance in every aspect of my life.- H.L.
Rebecca meets you where you’re at. She has such a passion and charisma that women everywhere, from all walks of life would benefit from her advice if they are willing to hand over a small amount of trust.- K.M.
Before I came to see Rebecca all I thought about was food. She helped me take control and learn how to exist in the present moment and food is no longer the center of my life thanks to her.- A.H.
Rebecca can help you get to the bottom of your problems with food, and she will guide you in developing a lifestyle plan that works for you and your body. I really could not be happier with this experience.- M.H.
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