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Welcome, How Can We Help You Live Healthier Today?

At Capitol Nutrition Group, we’re passionate about one thing. Helping you find your best you! Being healthy is about taking care of yourself and as simple as it sounds, it can actually be challenging. As food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle experts, we offer concierge services tailored specifically for you.

We understand that everyone is unique and has different challenges to living their best. It’s our job to get to know you, help you understand proven, science-based information, and use it to change your habits and your life. We know we’ve succeeded when we’ve empowered you to think and live better than you ever have before.

We’re connected with the top doctors, trainers, personal chefs, therapists and other professionals in the metro Washington, D.C. area should your needs extend beyond the scope of our services.

Get Started Today!

  1. Contact Us to book a nutrition assessment or schedule a screening call.
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  3. Come to your first session, ready to talk, learn, and start your transformation.



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