Located in NW Washington, D.C. and Chevy Chase, MD, Capitol Nutrition Group is a nutrition and healthy lifestyle practice providing concierge services for people of all ages. Capitol Nutrition Group was founded on the philosophy that each person is unique and needs a tailored approach to achieving their optimal health and wellness.

We focus on behavioral changes that last a lifetime through nutrition assessments, counseling, and medical nutrition therapies. We’ve worked with every type of person from busy working professionals, moms, athletes, and kids.

Our scope of expertise includes: non-diet approaches to weight concerns and healthy lifestyles, disordered eating and eating disorders, sports nutrition, digestive health, IBS/FODMAPs, pre-conception/pre-natal/post-natal nutrition, prevention and management of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, thyroid conditions, autoimmune disorders, and PCOS nutrition.

Outside of individual and family counseling, we also provide cooking lessons, grocery store trips, meal planning, in-home kitchen and pantry makeovers and more. When we say concierge, we mean it.

Our diverse scope of expertise and holistic approach is designed to help all individuals live healthier and happier lives. If we can’t provide the service, we have referrals to the best personal chefs, personal trainers, professional organizers, and other health experts in the area.

Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RDN, ACSM HFS

Rebecca is the Founder of Capitol Nutrition Group. She is a nationally recognized registered dietitian, nutritionist and health fitness specialist.

For over 8 years, she has reached millions of people through nutrition counseling, speaking, and media. Rebecca is a trusted thought leader in healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and exercise. She helps people change their lives by finding exercise that feels great, learning to manage stress, and establishing balanced eating habits.

Rebecca specializes in working with people with weight concerns, helping them manage their health without dieting or following unrealistic restrictive rules. With the goal of healthy behaviors in mind, Rebecca encourages people to work with their body – not against it – to reach a sustainable set point. Rebecca also helps people develop a healthier body image.

Rebecca provides behavioral counseling to help people overcome emotional eating, compulsive overeating, and binge eating. She counsels clients with diagnosed present and history of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and EDNOS. She provides sports nutrition counseling for athletes of all ages and sports. A mother of two children, Rebecca enjoys helping women from pre-conception through postpartum strive for optimal health and well-being during the life transformation into motherhood.

Rebecca holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Albion College, and University of the District of Columbia. She has completed supervision and training under Evelyn Tribole, Co-Author of Intuitive Eating. Rebecca has been honored by Washingtonian (February 2014) as a Top Washington D.C. Nutritionist and by American Dietetic Association as Young Dietitian of the Year.

Contact: rebecca@capitolnutritiongroup.com

Alison Sacks, RDN

AlisonPicAlison Sacks is a licensed and registered dietitian and Director of Operations for Capitol Nutrition Group. She specializes in helping people achieve a realistic, healthy lifestyle using a balanced, whole-foods approach.

Alison spent six years treating, healing and preventing chronic diseases as a clinical dietitian. She brings this medical expertise to her clients at Capitol Nutrition Group where she is highly skilled in disease management and prevention (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases), digestive health (food intolerances, IBS/FODMAPs), disordered eating and helping people with weight concerns.

In addition to her roles at CNG, she is a consulting outpatient dietitian with George Washington University Hospital specializing in therapeutic healthy lifestyle management for people diagnosed with cancer and ALS.

Alison believes it’s not about restrictions, but about creating new habits. She strives to help people develop their own best version of health and wellness using a practical and positive approach rather than follow an unrealistic plan.

With both good health and taste in mind, Alison teaches busy moms, executives, aspiring athletes and working professionals how to navigate their individual and family’s wellness needs with confidence. For individuals looking to boost their culinary skills, Alison provides hands-on private and group-based cooking lessons using home-grown functional foods.

Alison holds a degree in dietetics from Eastern Michigan University and has completed supervision training under Rebecca Scritchfield.

Contact: alison@capitolnutritiongroup.com

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