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Capitol Nutrition Group’s Three Pillars of Wellness

Having “wellness” means a good state of physical and mental health. Believe it or not, being healthy can be simple. If you consider health the absence of disease, research shows that you can reduce your chronic disease risk by 80% (yes, that’s 80%) with three lifestyle choices: eating healthy, exercising regularly, and not smoking.

Our three pillars of wellness – Food * Fitness * Fun are grounded in a philosophy that respects you.

You have so much more control over your health than you may think. It’s not big, dramatic, sweeping “fixes” that get you there. It’s changing. One step, one choice, one moment at a time. Everyone can change. It’s your journey to figure that out. We’d love to help!


Nourish yourself with delicious meals to fit your lifestyle.

Nourishment is about giving your body the quality and balance of food it needs to feel good physically and help you perform optimally in your life. There’s no one perfect way to eat.

What we eat is very personal. Food can be nourishing, delicious, and pleasurable. Unfortunately, dieting, fad trends, and obsessions over looks have led to a culture of policing food. It’s time to legalize eating again. It’s time to let go of guilt and judgement. It’s time to take back control of food.

If you need help in understanding nutrition, changing your eating habits, meal planning and cooking more at home, overcoming emotional eating, or any other food related problem you can think of, we can cover it. We will help you cut through all the confusing nutrition clutter, reduce confusion, and coach you through changing your eating habits. We’ll help make meal planning easy, cook with you, take you grocery shopping, and even connect you with personal chef services. We’re concierge. Whatever you need, we’re helping you get it.

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Exercise to be energized, strong, and healthy.

Everyone needs to be active, but it’s very important to make sure you love your exercise or you’re just not going to be motivated to do it. Fitness can be anything you do to move your body, whether it’s hitting the gym, the pavement, or a fun class. Fitness could even be finding ways to be more active in your life in fact. In fact, research shows that even simple walking can provide health benefits (we all know how to walk!)

It’s important to consider yourself a fit person, no matter how much or how little time you have for exercise. There’s no “all or nothing” 10 minutes done consistently is effective.

Whether your challenges are time, motivation, or “sweatspiration,” we’ve got you covered. We won’t focus on fitness for weight loss because the data is clear that exercise is not about the calorie burn, it’s about all the short and long term health benefits exercisers achieve.

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Happiness and health go hand-in-hand.

When was the last time you had fun? With today’s hectic schedules it can be difficult to find time to get enough sleep, buy the groceries, and exercise. So of course fun is nowhere to be found. You don’t have time for it and it’s selfish to take time for yourself, right?

Wrong. Taking your “me time” helps reduce stress and keeps you optimistic. You’re more likely to stick to your wellness goals, like eating well and exercising, which in turn stimulates hormones that help keep you happy and positive. And when you really think about it, why does health matter to you? Because having good health is a key to being happy and satisfied.

Let us help you find the right balance between health and happiness.

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